Our Mission, Vision, and Values

At miRagen, we keep our mission and vision at the forefront of our work and believe much of our achievement comes from the emphasis we place on incorporating our core values into our day-to-day activities. By fostering a collaborative work culture, we inspire creativity which in turn accelerates the development of potentially life-enhancing discoveries.


miRagen is dedicated to improving patients’ lives through the discovery and development of innovative RNA-based therapeutics, with a specific focus on microRNAs.


miRagen aims to translate our RNA and microRNA discoveries into breakthrough therapies that improve human health.


We are guided by our core values and believe our success begins with every member of the team embracing and exemplifying these in all aspects of his or her work.  miRagen’s values are:

  • Embody excellence and integrity
  • Be passionate, energetic and innovative
  • Foster an open and collaborative culture
  • Employ sound scientific principles
  • Always be guided by the patients’ needs
  • Be accountable to our stakeholders